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“I smashed my first £50,000 month!" 

Exactly 1 year ago I read Carolin's email and booked my Coaching Strategy Session with her team. Exactly 12 months later now I have smashed a £50,000 month with 15 YES's into my Group Program! 
I used to think it's a Myth that you can change your life this dramatically in less than a year. 
Now I am living proof that you can. 

Kaylie S. 

“Over the last 4 months I've made $35,000"

It’s been an incredible journey and I’m so grateful that I had the courage to sign up and commit to the process. I have done a complete 180 in my business.

Since my webinar I’ve been booking about 8 sales calls on average each week

Over the last 4 months I’ve made $35K!!! I’m overjoyed!

Alycia H.   

“I doubled what I was making at my former full-time job!

Before working with Carolin I had a great service, but not many customers. I was meeting people face-to-face and getting paid for individual sessions. In other words, I did not have a good business model. In my fourth month with her, I more than doubled what I was making at my former full-time job, and I finished the program with 4 clients in my 8 week signature program.

Jennifer B. 
“Earned $30,000 in just 1 month"

I have 8 couples signed on (for Group Couples Coaching Program). It's been a crazy ride, still learning and tweaking along the way. Could not have even imagined this without the brilliance and support of #TeamSoldo and each of you guys here. 

Kavetha S.

“My Results: $40,000 and 9 people starting my program this week”
 Thank you Carolin and TeamSoldo for your amazing support and guidance. You are an inspiration and I am truly honored to be on this journey with each and every one of you! 

Christi C.

“I have over 1,500 in my Facebook group, and new clients in my business!”

With Carolin’s help, I’ve grown as a leader, have more confidence and self-worth, I know who I want to serve and what I have to offer, and my belief in what is possible has skyrocketed. 

I would recommend BYP to anyone who has the heart to help others. 

Jill A. 
“I have three new clients and I’m only a few weeks in.”

I have put together a transformational coaching package that I’m so proud of. I have managed to grow a Facebook Group to 330 members, and I have started doing live videos in the group.

Thanks to this new-found confidence, I have three new clients, and I’m only a few weeks in.

Lory C.

“January Results: $96,000!"

January Results are in: $96,000. Super grateful. Thank you Team Soldo for all your support!

Kristen A. 

"I’ve never seen anything like it. 
It’s quite extraordinary -- I was very impressed."

Last week with the fabulous Carolin Soldo, originally from Germany, who has cracked the code on getting her clients to take their new coaching businesses from zero to a full time income via a 4-month program. (I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s quite extraordinary -- I was very impressed.) I was honored Carolin hired me for a VIP Strategy Package to help navigate the next level of her already multimillion-dollar coaching enterprise, which has ramped up quickly. You can learn more about Carolin at

Ali Brown

“I've been in business for decades, but these ladies are still teaching me heaps."

I’m benefiting from learning about marketing and sales funnels and how to write a cohesive outline of my program. I am learning how to shift my mindset - changing old paradigms and believing that I can do this. I will have a high-end quality program, giving the best service I can to high-end clients. I thoroughly enjoy my 1:1 calls with Belinda and Lisa. If I’m feeling doubtful, they soon whip that silly thought out of my head. The online resources are awesome. There is so much support and help whenever you need it. I’ve been in business for decades, but these ladies are still teaching me heaps. I’m in total admiration of the Carolin Soldo team - they are some of the most inspiring, motivational, creative, articulate group of women I’ve come in contact with!
Linda Smith

“I have received clarity with choosing my niche and clarity of how I can confidently help clients transform.

I have received clarity with choosing my niche and clarity of how I can confidently help clients transform. My biggest issues were not knowing where and how to bring things together. This program helped me with this. I now feel I am moving forward in confidence as the steps are made clear on how to move forward. I am currently in the process of revamping my website, applying all that I have learnt, and it looks so much better - captivating and filled with my character - I look forward to publishing it!

A big result I feel I have achieved is confidence. I am a very shy, introverted person. The thought of doing client research scared me a little, but I just went for it, and the response I received back was amazing. It made me wonder what I was so scared of in the first place. Reaching out into the unknown was a big achievement for me. I feel if I wasn’t on this program, I most certainly would not have done that. I would have possibly talked my way out of it but having the support, guidance and countless testimonies helped propel me forward.

I like the BYP Facebook group - I find it inspiring, especially seeing the other students reaching their goals. It is encouraging knowing that I will reach mine.

I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about making their coaching business work because I know and can see that it works!

Kelita Sewell
“My annual income from coaching grew 5.5 times…”

When I began working with Carolin, I was hoping to grow my coaching business and create an income that would allow me to do coaching full-time. I did not have a system that would allow me to enroll new clients on a regular basis. I relocated to the US in 2014 and had 0 connections in the US corporate world. For an executive and leadership coach, these types of connections are usually the first step to starting their business. I had to find a different way so I built my funnel. My annual income from coaching grew 5.5 times in 2018 compared to 2017. In September alone, I signed up + 3 individual coaching clients (USD 15 000) – all three coming from the funnel. I also achieved these results through the BYP and Powerhouse programs: • Huge growth in confidence • Clarity of who I am as a coach and how I serve my clients • Clarity and understanding of how to create my group coaching program • Plan how to scale my business • Getting to know amazing coaches in PHC community Carolin Soldo’s team is amazing – competent, loving and powerful! The PHC tribe is a group of super coaches I have learned so much from them!!! We also had a lot of fun!!! I recommend this program for those coaches who dare greatly, love what they do and are ready to grow themselves and their business!

Maria Neizvestnaya

“I am just weeks away from my first EVER 6-figure year!!!!”

I started my journey with Carolin Soldo and the Team a year ago (in BYP). I had no idea what it would turn into, I came looking for the funnel.

What I left with was an entire new business with real high-end clients, a working funnel and more than doubling my income this year!

I am just weeks away from my first EVER 6-figure year!!!! (and after 8 yrs of struggling to barely make $35-40K – that is quite something!)

Not only has my bank account increased but also my reality of what is actually possible – and I know I am not done growing!! I am READY now for the $25-$50K months and I plan to get there pretty darn quickly. Thank you Team Soldo for changing my year, my business and my life!

Donna Ashton
Powerhouse Coach
“I am getting closer and closer to my dreams every day…”

November has been my BEST month ever!! I personally had 11 breakthrough calls and enrolled 9 incredible total A player ideal clients into Speak Your Way to Success Acceleration program! My team enrolled 3 clients and our team closing ration increased to over 30%. Total contracted revenue = $56,600 for November 2018.

I am getting closer and closer to my dreams every day and every month! I am beyond grateful for learning this business model, the sales process and I love my clients and my Moxley Method Speaker System I take them through. They are getting results and rocking it!!

Amanda Moxley

*Individual results may vary.

It's important to add a disclaimer to say these results aren't typical, nor are they guaranteed. You actually have to apply the strategies if you want to grow your business! However, my goal is to help you cut down the learning curve in order to position yourself right, build premium programs, and attract the right customers to ultimately grow your business.
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