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Hi, I'm Carolin Soldo.
For over 8 years I have coached and helped others create what I call Premium Coaching Packages. I I have helped thousands of clients charge millions of dollars and - most importantly - package their passions to create major change in the world. 

Before becoming a coach, I worked in the corporate world. Something was always missing for me. I had a deep inner calling to create, to be free, to challenge myself, and to do work that really mattered. 

Do you have the same inner desire to DO MORE? 

Do you want to discovery the work you are meant to do, who can most benefit from your expertise (aka selecting your ideal niche), and creating a Coaching Program that has the power to change lives (your own and your clients')?

Then this Complete Handbook is your companion and blueprint to select your market, position yourself as the expert you know you are, and roll out a Coaching Program that will set you apart from the rest (and charge thousands for your expertise). 

I have built a multi-million dollar Coaching Business in less than 2 years time. Having offerings that suit my clients perfectly was KEY to my success. 

And with my instructions, you can do this, too! 

Because I know just how effective and important a Premium Coaching Program is, I teach you how to create your own for free. And now, I've made a full Handbook and Guide to just...give away. 

It takes as little as 60 mins of focused work. The results will amaze you. You'll discover how to serve at the highest level and change your life with your new Coaching Business forever. 

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Your Handbook Covers:

  • What to include in your Coaching Package to ensure your ideal client sees the VALUE instantly (and happily pays you what you're worth)
  •  How to structure your Coaching Package to achieve mindblowing transformations and client results
  •  How to name and price your Coaching Package just right to hit five figure months with ease
  •  How to deliver your Coaching Package like a pro to create the schedule and life you want (with Welcome Packets, Agreements, and everything you need to shine!)
  •  and more! 
Premium Coaching Package Handbook
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You’ll also get high-level content and up-to-the-minute strategies to build your coaching business delivered right to your inbox. 
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Meet Carolin Soldo
Carolin Soldo is an International Business Coach with an MBA in Marketing. She’s the founder of multiple premier business programs including Brand Your Passions®, From Passion to Profits®, and The Powerhouse Coach®.

Carolin specializes in helping passion-driven women bring their skills to the world and launch thriving Online Coaching Businesses with international reach.

Formerly, Carolin worked as an online marketing executive in the financial industry for 10 years. She then went on to follow what she knows as her true calling and launched her Health Coaching Business and later her International Business Coaching company.

Today Carolin works with new and experienced coaches across the globe both online and in live, luxury retreats. She hosts breakthrough masterminds in exclusive locations such as Bali, London, Miami and more.

By applying real-life experience to coaching, Carolin helps transform the lives of passionate women who desire to bring their skills to the world, make an impact, follow their purpose, and create free and abundant lives.
What People Are Saying
Cindy Harvey
Career Coach
“I increased my prices by over 200%"
Working with Carolin gave me the plan and structure I needed to build a solid foundation for my business. Carolin helped me get clear on what I needed to do as well as how to prioritize it and it was up to me to make it happen. 

I redesigned my coaching program for VIP clients, increased my program price by over 300% from $1500 to $5000, learned how to craft marketing messages that speak directly to my potential clients.

I would recommend your services to entrepreneurs who are early in their business and who lean towards taking action, embracing technology, and keeping an open mind to learn.
Jessica Susan Carter
Spiritual Life Coach
“I earned $13,000 in the 2nd week of my launch”
6 months ago I was totally freaked out about what niche to choose, what offerings to provide and how to brand myself. I knew I needed help in a big way, but finding the right business coach in a sea of salesy marketing gurus is no easy task. 

I knew right away that she was the perfect business coach for me. She’s real, down to earth, knows her shit and is truly invested in her clients. Every session was littered with million dollar ideas! She not only understand the technical framework of running an online empire, she’s got a serious intuition that always knows the next move.

Working with Carolin was the best choice I ever made for my business! During her 4 month program, I got totally clear about my brand, my niche and even my high-end program! I created a sales funnel, which was something I’d dreamed of for years, my first opt-in, my first webinar and my first Facebook Group.

Camille McClellan
Naturopathic Practitioner
“I got my business up and running!"
The results I’ve achieved so far are focusing on my ideal client, setting up a marketing calendar, mastering marketing by developing a lead magnet and creating a sales funnel in order to capture my ideal client’s email through an opt-in system. With this marketing system in place it will provide consistent clients on a month to month basis.

Other results I received from taking the course is how to focus on my ideal client, adding quality material to my packages and pricing, how to build my email list by putting systems in place to do this.

What I enjoy most working with Carolin is her patience, intelligent, commitment, authenticity, professionalism and has the ability to coach you through it all.

1-10 scale I recommend Carolin as a 10. I wanted to do it correctly the first time so I wanted a coach who I could really resonate with. 

Carolin is a very easy going person with truly no hype involved. She breaks down the information slowly for everyone in the group to understand marketing. The group conversations are so helpful and engaging and everyone gets to share their vision but you are able to benefit from the group sharing. Plus, she will hold you accountable for assignments, which was something that I appreciated.
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